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True Self Leadership

To be effective as a leader you have to know and be true to yourself and your values. That means discerning what values you want to take a stand for, what has heart and meaning for you.

Increase your:

  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Influence
  • Balance
  • Feel Focused & Excited

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What Happens When You Lose Your Way:

Lost Confidence

Most of my clients know how to be successful as individual performers and often as managers of a small team. And then something happened.

Whatever that situation was or is, caused a loss of confidence and fraud syndrome started to creep in.

Not Feeling Heard or Seen

Once you begin losing your confidence, it gets harder and harder to use your voice, to speak up and assert yourself in challenging situations, even when you know your solution/idea is the best.

Where you used to receive positive attention, you start to feel passed over. And it feels like your fault...which makes it harder to assert yourself and so you feel you are losing influence in a vicious cycle.

Less Zest for Life

With all this going on, work starts feeling like a treadmill, gets less strategic and you start asking "stay or go?"

Boundary issues become paramount. How do you set them effectively when you don't feel like you have power.

The workplace starts to feel more and more toxic, and you know you need to (re)find you in order to get anywhere worth going.

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Future Proof Your Career

Here's the thing, to be truly successful you have to know who you really are and align to that. When you are passionate about an endeavor--and here I'm talking about the kind of passion a concert pianist shows when they practice every single day, The kind of passion that has you get to work to create something good in the world, not the hot and steamy short lived kind of passion--you get lost in work in a good way. While that particular endeavor may or may not be linked to your financial health, you build the skills, energetic momentum and connections for the next step, and the next . . .

I want to level the playing field, not by asking anyone to step down, but by coaching and training people how to step up and beyond what they think is possible for them. This is a combination of discernment, skill building, self awareness (mindset), strategy and energetic stance. We often have to unwire old belief patterns and re-pattern your neurology to align with your adult sense of self and visionary goals.


Karie Dewan

CFO Stupski Foundation

Janet was instrumental in supporting me as I took on a new position within an organization undergoing significant change. I questioned my abilities to perform in my new role and struggled to find my voice.

Janet worked with me to identify and lean into my strengths which helped me to confidently operate in this new space.

Her guidance has not only helped me become a better leader but she has also provided me tools to develop deeper relationships with my coworkers, family, and friends.

Jane Chamberlain, MBA

Director of Learning & Development, The Hartford

I found the clarity and direction I was looking for in my coaching sessions with Janet.

I couldn't be more excited about my next steps in life!

RC Peck


Fearless Wealth

Janet is a person that once you work with her you wish you would have known about her five years ago.

I have been able to get farther on my projects by having her involved in my business then if I would have simply done what I "knew" to do.

Financially, working with Janet has been one of my best investments.

I'd recommend her (and have) to any of my clients that need to accelerate their revenues.

To Get Started: Please apply for a FREE Vision Clarity Session.

About One-to-One Coaching

The more you read about “leadership development”, the more you realize that developing the characteristics of leadership within yourself is about mastering “soft” skills, and about developing a positive, empowered mindset.

Choice Point Leadership coaching therefore is a combination of working on:

1) Discernment: identifying your primary strengths and core values and how to express them more consistently;

2) Skills Mastery: how to adopt best practices for leadership and communication;

3) Mindset: understanding and shifting whatever hidden/limiting beliefs might be getting in the way of your success;

4) Strategy: developing a vision and implementing tactics;

5) Energetic Stance: learning to hold your core, to be fully present and move with alignment and intention.

Coaching topics range from the practical to the deeply personal. Depending on your needs and position within an organization we may do organizational development and culture change work.

Clients tend to have different needs at different times. Coming to a session with a focus area makes the session more fruitful. Each session begins with the question: “What would you like to work on today?”

One-to-One Coaching Programs

The Confidence Rx:

6-month Intensive

This program is designed for those who want to create real change in their leadership, careers and lives.

The core program consists of 10 online individual sessions. Most people find that they achieve the maximum benefit by doing their sessions approximately every other week.

If you are interested in the online group workshops or wish to try an individual horse-assisted session, you may exchange an individual online session.

Single Breakthrough Session

Sometimes you just have one thing you'd really like to change and you would like to set aside a time to address it, to find out and shift any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from full creative expression.

These sessions are for those who don't want to purchase a full 6-month program but would like to do some work together.

Online Group Workshops

Learn the framework and identity to set healthy boundaries that protect what you would like to be experiencing.

Get yourself really clear on your gifts, your values, and what you are dreaming into the world.

Carpe Diem

Don't Let Inertia Kill Your Dreams

Life has its ups and downs. Just because we may be at the end of a chapter doesn't mean that a new and better one isn't coming. Just because things have always been a certain way doesn't mean it needs to stay that way.

When things haven't turned out the way we had planned, the way we thought they should, it's easy to get stuck and stay stuck in a vicious cycle.

The longer it goes on, the more painful it becomes and the harder it is to get yourself out of it. After a time things that once horrified us start to feel normal and when we think we don't matter in one are of our life we start applying that learning to other areas of our life.

Turn the Vicious into Productive

The flip side is that once things start to get better they tend to get better everywhere. We get our confidence back and our dreams start feeling exciting to us.

When we are in the flow, part of the natural give and take in the world, we come back to ourselves, to our natural power, to our gifts and our mission.

  • step into your leadership
  • create fulfilling work
  • align your day-to-day living with your highest values

This certification (CEIP-Ed: Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Education) is proof positive that anyone can do anything no matter what the odds.

Got an impossible dream? Let's talk about it in your complimentary Vision Clarity Session.

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