Positive Intelligence®

Positive Intelligence®:

the Path to Mental Fitness

How do you thrive in challenging times?

This 6-week app guided program provides a foundation to lead yourself and your team out of reactivity and into a proactive, creative, problem-solving mindset.

The impact of developing mental fitness is:

  • Peak performance

  • Peace of mind/wellness

  • Healthy relationships

Empower yourself and your team with this powerful program and watch as you turn vicious cycles into virtuous ones.

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The Cost of Letting Reactivity Run the Show

More Pain

All emotions, including negative or painful ones, have an important purpose. They give us feedback on what we are experiencing and are important to acknowledge.

Once we experience the feedback and know what it's about, there's no reason to stay there.

Goals Feel Harder

If your brain feels like it's getting hijacked all the time into old reactive patterning, it's really hard to move forward.

We feel stressed by even small challenges. Big challenges feel overwhelming and some desirable experiences feel out of reach.

Happiness is Elusive

Some people's safe-keeping patterns actually have them achieve...A LOT. However the achievement is not joyous, and is often limited to known paths.

People in an organization operating in fear will feel stressed, isolated and may become passive.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental fitness is our capacity to respond to life's challenges with positive rather than negative/reactive mindset.

Just like going to the gym to increase our body's muscle tone, we can go to the gym for our brains and increase the neural activity in the parts of our brain that are responsible for creative, proactive thought patterns.

When our bodies are physically fit, we can run longer and farther and handle more challenging terrain more easily. When we are mentally fit we can handle life's ups and downs more creatively, more quickly and without feeling hijacked by old sabotaging safety wiring.


Todd Kelly, MBA

Content Marketing Director,


After initially hiring Janet over a decade ago to help me get through a tough period in my career, I re-engaged her some months ago for individual sessions to work on developing a better sense of my professional purpose, something that I'm still pursuing.

I recently participated in the PQ course that she led to help me with some challenges I face in my personal life. The course, with Janet as the facilitator, really helped me shift my perspective and create some habits that have allowed me to become a better parent and person. I enjoyed sharing stories with other members of the Pod. All in all the course and Janet have delivered on their promise.

Molly Stanek

VP of Growing & Operations,

Superior Fresh, LLC

Janet was a fantastic guide to the PQ Positive Intelligence Program.

Over the course of the six week course Janet's thoughtful insights and perspectives enriched the already valuable program structure and helped me connect with it more deeply and authentically.

I am grateful for the experience and recommend it to anyone looking to increase their resilience, decrease their stress, and navigate life in a more purposeful way.

Randall Heath

Executive Director,

Dance Film SF Inc

I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make some changes both externally in my career and internally in how I was going about things.

I engaged in individual session work with Janet and she recommended the PQ course.

The course helped me to see conditioning that I did not even realize I was taking for granted or had choice about.

I feel like life is getting better and better.

About the Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Course

This 6-week mental fitness course, created by Shirzad Chamine and distributed by Positive Intelligence, Inc., is a revolutionary way to supercharge the proactive and creative parts of your brain.

Click below for the more detailed program description on the Positive Intelligence® website.

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Start by signing up for the free webinar. During the webinar we will talk about pricing and signup.

The Positive Intelligence® (PQ) course is offered by Choice Point Leadership approximately every two months.

If you have a group/team (more than 5 people), you can sign up as an intact group and negotiate your own start times.

Your pod (group) will meet for 7 consecutive Mondays (for 30-60 minutes each meeting--depending on the number of people). These meetings are optional but HIGHLY recommended for both support and accountability.

Once you have officially signed up for the course, you will be able to download the app and get started!

What's at Stake? Try, Everything

Have you ever gotten a lot of insight and then fallen back into the same old patterns? That's because insight is only a small part of the change equation.

The rest is training.

By laying down and then intensifying new neural pathways you will create new ways of thinking and acting. By focusing on specific patterns you can create better ways of being and acting.

You can create a foundation for leading with intention.

Ready to Go to Get Your Mind Fit?

No doubt that building Mental Fitness takes some work.

And no doubt it's worth it.

Because you matter.

  • Improve your performance

  • Increase your wellness

  • Enjoy healthier relationships

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