About Janet

I found my sweet spot. You can too.

My name is Janet Schieferdecker. And helping women to (re)gain their confidence and successfully lead their lives and their organizations is my business.

I work with women who want to lead a fulfilling life--full of contribution, respect and joy. Let's face it, success is a heck of a lot more fun than anything else. So the women I work with tend to have achieved a lot at a young age but then, somehow, hit a wall or just need a change and want to feel like they are in their right power again, as creative forces for good.

And that's my story too.

I'd love to get to know you better. Apply today for a FREE Vision Clarity Session, so that we can see if there's a match between your needs and my services.

International Business Background

I started my business career in sales in High School selling stuff, literally. The company was called Stuff Inc. After graduating from college I ran off to Japan to teach English for two years and avoid taking a desk job and travel the world. I took the opportunity to travel to Nepal, Thailand, Burma (now Myanmar), and Hong Kong.

When I came back to the US, I worked as a financial analyst and borrowed massive sums of money every day to buy raw materials for a Japanese steel manufacturer. Really, I was a clerk and, giving away my age here, in those days we had to actually manually type the documents. Since there were carbons, if we made a mistake we had to start over. I'm so glad I don't have to that anymore!

I went to London Business School and got my MBA in 1992 and went to work for Phillips Medical Systems (now Phillips Healthcare). I again got to travel the world but this time as a manager. Which was awesome. I held marketing and business development positions based both in the Netherlands and in Singapore and traveling globally.

I chose and enjoyed this job partially because the organization was going through a lot of change and my interest in business school was already leadership and organizational development. And partially because the equipment they made solved big problems for people. I wanted to work in a company that made a product that really helped people.

The international line management experiences I got at Phillips have been invaluable to me when I coach leaders today.

My 15-Minutes of fame in Japan--a fundraiser for Save the Children c. 1987

On the streets in Amsterdam somewhere in the early 1990s

Trekking in Nepal c. 1988

My version of "Wild" on the PCT in 2015

read about the bear incident here

Personal Development Coaching

And a Horse