Choice Point Leadership: Living into Alignment

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Your Energy Tells a Story

People constantly project out energetic information that they may be unaware of communicating. Those communications have a deep impact on the people around us and how effective we are.


Choice Point Leadership offers coaching, facilitation and training to help you, your team and your organization to live your day-to-day experiences in ways that are aligned with your highest values.

Coaching services include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Purpose, Vision and Strategy Facilitation

This video answers the questions:

What is "Choice Point Leadership"?


What do horses have to do with it?

starring Charlie Blue Eyes

Are You Experiencing Growing Pains?

Not Enough Time

The number one issue social change leaders come to me with is that there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

Life has become a hamster wheel of challenges and burnout threatens.

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People Problems

"I can't find enough good people."

"I'm think I'm delegating, but I have to re-do work. "

"My team is not showing enough leadership. I need them to step up."

The above quotes all indicate underlying internal leadership challenges. Where are you not role modeling the leader you are?

Psychological Safety ?!

Let's face it, leading social change is hard work. And the people, the team members, who are drawn to it have very high expectations about what their workplace should be like.

In a small organization you don't always have the resources to do things perfectly. So how do you continue to evolve, make difficult decisions and give feedback as necessary AND make sure that your organization does not devolve into the very toxicity you are taking a stand against?

Leadership Starts Within

We all have moments where we drive ourself crazy with same old responses to the same old things.

Getting out of reactive patterns, the ones that sabotage your success and happiness, is an inside job.

It requires focus, commitment and compassion.

Be the Leader People WANT to Follow!

Leadership = the choices you make.

Leadership is the willingness to stand for your values and for your authentic self,

even though . . .

- people throw rotten tomatoes at you,

- people laugh at, dismiss, or otherwise belittle you,

- your social programming doesn't like it,

- your safety-wiring sabotages you with bad behavior,

- it's hard.

All leadership, whether positional, situational or tribal, is fundamentally about self-leadership.

Coaching Programs

Teams that Rock

The Path to Collective Intelligence

Horses living in a herd demonstrate observable "positions of leadership" and communicate in ways that are helpful to humans to learn.

Benefits of horse-assisted team-building include: better recognition of and respect for individual roles and responsibilities, team members right-sizing their influence, increased communication and collaboration.

Horse-Assisted Coaching

The Path to Embodying Presence

Just being around horses has been well researched and proven to lower stress and help us to detoxify.

Benefits of horse-assisted coaching include: developing executive presence, mastering energetic boundaries, gaining mutual respect, and increasing confidence.

The Authentic Leader:

The Path to Intentional Leadership

Ready to step-up? This program helps you master and embody positive, creative leadership.

Whether you are a positional leader or just want to be author of your own life, this will help you get there!


Allison Kaiser Kelly


Janet has been instrumental in my leadership development. I've hired Janet on 3 different occasions for different work situations I was in.

Janet has helped me understand dysfunctional work relationships and navigate ways to re-work them into productive relationships.

She also helped me dive into what I'm most passionate about and build a track record that ultimately led to me getting a great job opportunity that I love.

Janet has been a trusted thought partner and coach and I highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

Rajkumari Neogy

Executive Coach iRestart

Janet is a consummate professional who is in a league all on her own. Her intuitive depth is not only accurate, it's excavating.

I have journeyed into places I never knew existed because of Janet, and as a result, have been able to do deeper work than I ever thought possible.

She connects the dots in my history and quickly, yet gently, takes me down the road to recovery.

I am grateful to have done incredible work with her guidance.

Janet is one of those rare individuals that sees beyond what is truly there.

Christine Keller

CEO Moodify Foods

I reached out with the interest of learning how to navigate a challenging work environment.

I was immediately impressed with Janet's skills, compassion and knowledge in the first ten minutes of our conversation. She asked the right questions, listened carefully to my situation and quickly offered helpful advice and resources. I immediately felt as if I had an ace in my pocket.

She helped me understand with clarity what makes me tick ...

I recommend her with great enthusiasm. Thank you Janet!

Steps to Expanding Your Authentic Leadership

1) Apply for a FREE Vision Clarity Session. I offer a complimentary 1-hour session to small business leaders who would like to explore coaching.

2) Choose the right program for you

3) Show up willing to try on some new gears

When Will You Be Ready for Your Transformation?

Inertia has an extremely high, albeit hidden, cost.

How will it look in 5 or 10 years if you stay stuck in reactivity?

How will it look next year?

If you just winced, here's what you need to know:

Toxic situations don't magically get better, they get worse. Poison spreads, and when our energy drains in one area of our life it affects other areas.

If you want something different for yourself, if you want something different for the world, YOU have to decide to learn how to role model what you want to create.

"We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.

This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do."

--Mahatma Gandhi

The Time is Now: Experience Your Creative Power

Positive Mindset

When you habitually make choices to counter your safe-keeping self (meaning the lies you told yourself at one time that kept you safe but are now no longer relevant) and put yourself into a proactive, growth mindset you grow your leadership, your creativity and your impact exponentially.

You can achieve success many ways, but only a positive mindset will create happiness for yourself and contribute to the happiness of those around you.

How will it be when you AND your team are consistently problem solving from this powerful place?

Authentic Presence

Our world is filled with distractions, some of which are truly addicting. When we develop ways to know and come back to our core self, we eminate creative power.

Presence allows us to acknowledge what actually is, and only from there can we move into anything different...or not.

When a team as a group has a consistent practice of being present, an organization radiates power and its impact increases.

Intentional Leadership

Purpose isn't some magical state available only to those select few who meditate on mountain tops.

Purpose and meaning can imbue your every-day living.

It can imbue your team and your organizational culture. Won't it be great when your people get along and work well together?

We all have purpose. Naming our individual and collective values, vision and mission and then systematically aligning how we work together to be true to that, creates magic.

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