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Growing Pains

Not Enough Time

The number one issue CEOs come to me with is that there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

It seems like no matter how much they get done, there's always something else happening. Putting out one fire, or finishing one project only seems to create the next batch of work instead of decreasing the load.

The thing that often gets sacrificed is down time. Strategy time. Time for yourself to just be. Even though cognitively you know that this is the most important thing it's hard to carve out time and it's hard to relax when you do.

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People Problems

"I can't find enough good people. We've had too many bad hires."

"I'm think I'm delegating but I have to re-do work. My people think I'm a micro-manager and I don't want to be, but I don't know what to do."

"(Name of key employee) just quit without a transition plan."

"My team is not showing enough leadership. I need them to step up."

All of the issues indicated in the above quotes are symptoms of a lack of aligned systems. Not hardware systems but people systems. The habits and the practices that create a positive, empowered culture.

For example, how and when do team members give feedback? This is a skill and a system. Are you refining and teaching it? Do all team members have agreements in place for their objectives and key-results? IDPs?

Psychological Safety ?!

Google's well publicized study of factors that create optimal teams named "Psychological Safety" as the number one contributing factor.

The chaotic conditions of change, of a rapidly growing and evolving organization, can lead to team members not feeling safe enough to have a voice. When this happens people often turn to victim oriented behavior or even destructive behavior.

Weirdly, this can be especially true in not for profits or mission driven for-profits. Aligning with a strong mission, vision and values is hugely important for success but it is not enough to create psychological safety.

In fact, without aligned systems, the impulse that creates peoples' desire to contribute to a mission, can also be the one that derails them and creates drama.

How is your team doing on that? Do you have a mechanism to measure and track it?

Nobody should have to experience not feeling seen, heard, and recognized for their contribution and talents. When you yearn to create bigger more positively impactful results in the world, feeling the stuckness of a status quo can be painful.

Meanwhile, you also want and deserve a life. You need time for your family, home, friends, travel... Many people fear taking on more responsibility, they think that will mean too much work, too much stress and pressure.

The truth is it's not an either or situation. If you are aligned at just right challenge and you are setting empowered boundaries, you can contribute more and impact the changes you wish to see in the world with less strife, less cognitive disonance and more zest.

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Leadership starts within. To achieve positional leadership goals we need to look at ourselves first.

One-to-one coaching is available as a custom program package, or as a single breakthrough session. Packages can include horse-assisted and online sessions as desired.

Just being around horses has been well researched and proven to lower stress and help us to detoxify.

Benefits of horse-assisted coaching include: developing executive presence, mastering energetic boundaries, gaining mutual respect, and increasing confidence.

Organizational Programs

Ready to align your culture to your strategy, vision, mission, and values? These programs start with a deep dive into creating a culture where open and honest communication is the norm.

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Allison Kaiser Kelly


Janet has been instrumental in my leadership development. I've hired Janet on 3 different occasions for different work situations I was in.

Janet has helped me understand dysfunctional work relationships and navigate ways to re-work them into productive relationships.

She also helped me dive into what I'm most passionate about and build a track record that ultimately led to me getting a great job opportunity that I love.

Janet has been a trusted thought partner and coach and I highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

Rajkumari Neogy

Executive Coach iRestart

Janet is a consummate professional who is in a league all on her own. Her intuitive depth is not only accurate, it's excavating.

I have journeyed into places I never knew existed because of Janet, and as a result, have been able to do deeper work than I ever thought possible.

She connects the dots in my history and quickly, yet gently, takes me down the road to recovery.

I am grateful to have done incredible work with her guidance.

Janet is one of those rare individuals that sees beyond what is truly there.

Christine Keller

CEO & Co-Founder Moodify Foods

I reached out with the interest of learning how to navigate a challenging work environment.

I was immediately impressed with Janet's skills, compassion and knowledge in the first ten minutes of our conversation. She asked the right questions, listened carefully to my situation and quickly offered helpful advice and resources. I immediately felt as if I had an ace in my pocket.

As we deepened our discussions, she began to work with me on the idea of not only fixing my current situation but creating the ideal work environment based on my strengths and addressing my weaknesses. She helped me understand with clarity what makes me tick and what I want and need to be successful in my career.

I recommend her with great enthusiasm. Thank you Janet!

5 Steps to Radical Alignment

1) Apply for a FREE Vision Clarity Session. I offer a complimentary 1-hour session to people who would like to explore coaching for themselves or their team.

2) Co-create a plan. During our Vision Clarity Session we will get clear on the direction you want to go and what needs to shift for you to get there.

3) Show up for coaching. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a document on how to get the most from your coaching. Hint: you get out what you put in.

4) Work your plan. As we go along we will notice where any blockages or limiting beliefs are, and shift them.

5) Enjoy thriving!

When will you be ready for your transformation?

Inertia has an extremely high, albeit hidden, cost.

What happens in your life if you carry on overworking and believing you don't really matter? How will it look in 5 or 10 years if you stay stuck? How will it look next year? If you just winced, here's what you need to know.

Toxic situations don't magically get better, they get worse. Exponentially worse as time goes on. Poison spreads and when our energy drains in one area of our life it affects other areas.

If we want something different for ourselves, if we want something different for the world, we have to decide to change. We have to decide to 'be the change'.

The Time is Now

Be aligned, day-to-day, with your purpose

Purpose isn't some magical state available only to those select few who meditate on mountain tops.

Purpose and meaning can imbue your every day living.

You have a purpose. I guarantee it.

We all do.

Be fulfilled with just right challenge

Have you ever been working on something and been so engaged that you lost track of time?

That's what's known as a "flow" state.

When we have just right challenge in our work--not too easy, not impossibly difficult--we can feel in flow.

Feel confident that your contribution matters

When you are aligned, in flow, and working boundaries from an empowered place, your confidence soars.

Ever have that feeling that things are just working out for you?

That's what I want for you now.

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