Creating Clarity

Life on Purpose

A life imbued with purpose looks a lot like good embodied leadership:

Presence + Aligned Intention.

To get there, we need to balance clarity with action. These courses give you a chance to get clear, so that your day-to-day actions reflect your purpose.

  • Feel more confident

  • Know what is important to you

  • Have a touchpoint

  • Smile more

  • Release your inner spark

When You Drift without Purpose

The Endless Checklist

Many people think it takes to long to clarify their purpose, or that they don't have one.

The truth is that everyone has a purpose, in fact you have more than one.

When we don't engage with the work to know and develop ourselves, we can't prioritize in a meaningful way, and we just end up on a hamster wheel of tasks

Less Resilience

Viktor Frankl, the author of "Man's Search for Meaning", was a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. He observed, over and over, that the people who survived against the odds had a purpose. That observation became the cornerstone of his later work.

It doesn't matter if you want to change the world or if you just want to take care of your kid, having a purpose that is bigger than you, makes it possible for you to get out of yourself and take the difficult action.


Life without purpose feels aimless. Things just aren't working right and you feel out of synch.

People may start out pleasure seeking but after a while that gets hollow.

Friends drift away and isolation and disconnection increase.

Perfectionism rises but everything feels too overwhelming to even start.

You Have a Purpose, Really and Always

I left corporate-land in 1997, after a near death experience taught me that life was too short to continue doing what I was doing. But I didn't have any clarity on what I wanted to do, and that quickly became a problem.

Since that time I have had life experience after life experience that has taught me that purpose alignment is a journey, not a destination.

You have great things to offer the world and the world needs you. I know it.

Let me help you make sure your journey is going some place you want to go.


Sally Srok

Developer of brands and their leaders

In a time of professional uncertainty, Janet’s “Claim Your Niche” workshop was a true gift.

Janet offered insightful exercises and facilitated dynamic conversations that I looked forward to every week.

Our group bonded as we were led through thoughtful and fun exercises that revealed our natural strengths.

If you’re looking for guidance on creating a thoughtful path to a meaningful life, I highly recommend Janet’s coaching services!

Tobi Lessem

Owner and Practitioner at Bodywise Massage, Inc

Janet led an empowering workshop that I was fortunate to attend during the SIP and pandemic. Her experience, dedication, and skill were apparent. To be able to coordinate a virtual workshop during such a volatile time is difficult at best.

Janet not only created a much-needed workshop, but also found ways to engage all of the participants, to offer tangible resources, and to help us determine our next steps in business and professional growth.

I highly recommend Janet if you are at a transition in your professional life and/or if you are looking for coaching by someone who truly understands the nuance of that intersection of 'personal and professional'.

Volker Frank

Agile Coach, Management Consultant, Executive Coach

A while back I hit a point in my life where I needed to make a big change in my career. . .

Janet has been a trusted guide and explorer to support me through a big professional transition that is now bearing fruit.

She draws deeply from her experience working for global corporations and her own career moves to let me discover what is really important to me and how to move safely out of my comfort zone towards my own definition of success.

Big changes seem to come with big emotions. Janet really understands the emotional aspects of transitions, and how to direct attention at each step that leads to a better place.

About the 1-Day Clarity Challenge

This 5-week online course (5 weekly 90-minute sessions) creates a safe space for participants to tell and examine their stories. We will spend time each session telling a small group specific stories about ourselves and will do exercises to deepen our findings. In the final sessions we will put together our findings into a purpose statement and visual:

  • Identify the themes of your gifts, your interests, your preferences, and your values;

  • Uncover what has heart and meaning;

  • Experience the benefits of working with the hive-mind;

  • Feel confident in your decisions;

  • Create an actionable plan that works for you.

The sessions will be highly interactive. The intention is to create a safe space to do this deeply personal work.

Accompanying the course will be an online learning portal with neuroscience based exercises for self-coached change-work.


Creating Clarity will be offered starting on: July 20th, 2022 at 11:00am Pacific

The course then meets for 5 consecutive weeks (90 minutes per week) on Wednesdays at 11:00am Pacific. So that means:

July 20th, 11:00am-12pm Pacific

July 27th, 11:00am-12pm Pacific

August 3rd, 11:00am-12pm Pacific

August 10th, 11:00am-12pm Pacific

August 17th, 11:00am-12pm Pacific

The fee is $475 and includes both the interactive group zoom session as well as self-paced online materials. You can add 1-1 sessions for $295 each.

The learning is primarily in the experiential group session. Please do not sign up if you are not going to be able to make all of the group sessions. You will be able to fully participate in the online group calls without having completed the coursework, the intention is no stress learning and exploring, so the online learning material really is self-paced.

What Will Your Journey Be?

It's Worse Not to Do It

If you're reading this page, chances are you are unsettled. Maybe you lost your Mojo, maybe things used to just fall into place and they don't anymore. . . This 'not quite right' feeling just doesn't go away by itself. You need to take action or life might throw a curveball at you.

The world is out of balance and humanity is being asked to step out of complacence and into conscious and conscientious living. There are many paths, if this isn't part of your journey please choose something so that your unsettled feeling doesn't become a health challenge.

The Power of Alignment

I've delivered this material for over 20 years both individually and in groups. Hands down, the group experience is richer, more fruitful and significantly more fun.

Join us. There will be laughter, there might be tears, there will be core level learning and growth.

  • Get clear
  • Know your purpose
  • Align your day-to-day life