Positive Intelligence

More You, More Life

Think for a moment what life will be like when you make choices consistent with who you really want to be in the world.

Good innit?

  • Self-empowerment

  • Feeling heard

  • Lower stress

  • Time for yourself

  • Increased accountability

Because you matter.

The Real Cost of Boundary-less-ness

Lower Results

You may think you re being nice when you don't challenge someone to be accountable or to improve poor performance, but the reality is everybody's results suffer and they don't grow.

Sometimes embracing healthy conflict is the nice thing to do.

Less Respect

When you routinely do other people's work you are not actually helping. The person who's problem it really is cannot solve it, you've got it. So the problem never gets solved.

Meanwhile you are resentful and don't have the time to focus on more strategic work. Over time you lose the respect of colleagues.


Feeling like a doormat is no fun. You start to lose the will and the positive energy to create.

Life feels like a grind, an endless hamster wheel of tasks.

This leaves you open to feeling excluded or even bullied, creating more stress and looping into more reactive behavior.

What Experience Has Taught Me

In my years of coaching hundreds of clients on leadership development, boundaries are the number one issue people need to master to be able to step into their best leadership self.

Here's the thing, healthy boundaries are NOT about stress and aggression. They ARE about fun, playful creating energy. They ARE about really stepping into your own best self and prioritizing that.

I love to teach this material in a group format, where people are peers but strangers. When we work on core issues like this, we need a safe environment to test out the new behavior. And we need the feedback and ideas from others to gain confidence.

We teach what we need to learn. Every time I teach this course, I grow exponentially..


Vanna Whitney, AIA CGBP

Principal at Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

The course was excellent! The 4 pronged approach to teaching the leadership/ boundary content was an effective way to guide us through concepts that while not so complex, do take a while to sink in and require thought and implementation to understand, and practice in order to adopt.

Janet's teaching during the meetings, and videos and worksheets afterwards gave us excellent content to work with inside and outside the meetings.

Janet's coaching of the group, and teaching the group to coach each other: a) helped cement the concepts we were learning, b) helped broadened our exposure to ideas and issues beyond our own as we learned from hearing other participants' coaching and c) modeled how one can carry the discipline of empowering leadership forward for oneself.

Luba Yusim

Senior Communications Officer at Community Vision CA

Despite doing a lot of work on myself over the years, I have really struggled with my boundaries in professional settings.

I often felt that I was not being heard, operated from a victim mentality, and would lose my sense of agency.

Throughout the Empowered Boundaries course, I gained greater awareness of the dynamics at play at work and how I contribute to them.

I learned helpful tools that have supported me with shifting how I show up, how to ask for what I need, and how to build my confidence in the process.

I am grateful for all I learned and know that these tools are invaluable as I grow in my career.

Angela Dunz, MBA

LinkedIn Bad Ass,

Owner and Founder Cowgirl Creative Coaching

I signed up for Janet's Empowered Boundaries course. Wow. I knew I had some challenges around boundaries.

This was the most powerful group class I have taken so far. The supplementary materials, videos, worksheets are so useful. One is on my wall in front of my desk.

And working through real life scenarios with peers and Janet's expert advice, was Very Powerful. I worked through some fundamental issues - not easily, but effectively.

I turned around and taught all of it to my son! The gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Janet!

About the Empowered Boundaries Course

This 5-week online course (5 weekly 90-minute sessions) dives deeply into a framework developed in transactional psychology called the “drama triangle” (victim, persecutor, and rescuer and also known as “problem orientation”). And then creates a shift in focus, as laid out by David Emerald, away from Drama, towards Empowerment. We will look in-depth at each of the three roles to:

  • Understand why childhood experiences can contribute to boundary-less-ness and drama;

  • Gain new perspectives on organizational and other adult relationships and the need for boundaries, and the consequences of lack;

  • Explore why boundary setting from Victim Orientation never works;

  • Learn the work of David Emerald to get out of the drama by embracing “The Empowerment Dynamic” and what that entails behaviorally and energetically;

  • Master both the energy of healthy boundaries and pragmatic techniques to shift self and others.

Each session will be highly interactive. The intention is to create a safe space for senior managers, small business owners and high potential managers to do their own work.

Accompanying the course will be an online learning portal with content and neuroscience based exercises for self-coached belief changework.


Empowered Boundaries will be offered starting on: September 28th, 2022 at 11:00am Pacific.

The course then meets for 5 consecutive weeks (90 minutes per week) on Wednesdays at 11:00am Pacific. So that means:

September 28, 11:00am-12pm

October 5, 11:00am-12pm

October 12, 11:00am-12pm

October 19, 11:00am-12pm

October 26, 11:00am-12pm

The fee is $475 and includes both the interactive group zoom sessions as well as the self-paced online course. You can add 1-1 sessions for $295 each.

Online course materials will be available to participants for at least one-year following their start date. You will be able to fully participate in the online group calls without having completed the coursework, the intention is no stress learning, so the online learning material really is self-paced.

What's at Stake? Try, Everything

Boundary Lessons from the Herd

Ask any horse trainer, if you don't put up a boundary immediately, as soon as there is a transgression, the behavior will get bigger fast. And eventually the horse will pay the price. It will lose its value and be sold or worse.

The same is true for humans, people who are not challenged for lack of accountability get worse, people who take responsibility for other people's problems end up not being able to do their own jobs, and people who routinely blame others and do not shoulder their own responsibilities become bigger and bigger victims and nobody wants to work with them or even be around them.

Eventually somebody pays the price: fired, demoted or not promoted, divorced, lost confidence . . .

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

No doubt that mastering empowered boundaries takes some work. And no doubt it's worth it.

Because you matter.

  • Get that promotion
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase your results